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Mike's Java Profiler is a performance profiler for Java programs. It collects statistics about accumulated CPU time used by each stack frame in the profiled program and presents the collected data in a GUI. The presented data can be used to locate CPU bottlenecks within the profiled program. The data is presented in way that allows the user to first view data at a low level of detail and then to drill down to higher levels of detail. This facilitates more efficient bottleneck identification than if the data was presented as a 1-dimensional list like in some similar applications.

MJP is currently in an alpha state. It is functional and has been used by its author to profile real applications, but many features are unimplemented or poorly implemented and very little documentation exists. The author fixes and enhances the application as he has the time and motivation. Changes generally come in waves with long periods of inactively in-between. You can download the latest alpha release and/or the source code from the MJP Sourceforge site. Follow the link below.

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Mike's Java Profiler was written by Michael J. Bresnahan and is distributed under the GNU Public License.