Mike's Java Profiler User Manual

Michael J. Bresnahan


Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Installation
Installation and Startup
Example Installations
Testing the Installation
3. Data Collection
Invoking your application from the MJP GUI
Specifying -Xrunmjp on the command line
Specifying -Xrunmjp in the environment
Opening The Data File
4. Data Analysis
Data Collection Modes
Times Mode
Samples Mode
Data Views
Tree View
Graph View
5. Window Reference
Samples Mode Frame Detail Window
Samples Mode Method Detail Window
Samples Mode Thread Summary Window
Times Mode Frame Detail Window
Times Mode Method Detail Window
Times Mode Thread Summary Window
6. Further Reading

List of Figures

4.1. Wall Time and CPU Time
4.2. Call Tree
4.3. Graph View

List of Tables

5.1. Current Frame Fields (Top Section)
5.2. Child Frame Fields (Bottom Section)
5.3. Current Method Fields (Top Section)
5.4. Parent Method Fields (Middle Section)
5.5. Child Method Fields (Bottom Section)
5.6. Thread Fields
5.7. Root Frame Fields
5.8. Current Frame Fields (Top Section)
5.9. Child Frame Fields (Bottom Section)
5.10. Current Method Fields (Top Section)
5.11. Parent Method Fields (Middle Section)
5.12. Child Method Fields (Bottom Section)
5.13. Thread Fields
5.14. Root Frame Fields

List of Examples

2.1. Windows Installation
2.2. Linux Installation
2.3. Cygwin Installation
3.1. Invoking the profiler agent from the command line
3.2. Invoking the profiler agent from the command line with options
3.3. Invoking the profiler agent from the environment
4.1. Simple Program